Kind words from some amazing people.

Jason Locy

President and Founder, FiveStone

"Armistead has been one of my favorite people to work with at FiveStone. He is thoughtful, encouraging, and generous with his work. Any team that Armistead is on is a good team."

Sajan George

Founder and CEO, Matchbook Learning

"Armistead took the time to understand our academic model at a very deep level. He displays patience, a calm, confident and peaceful manner as he probes deeply the nuances of our vision, model and goals and then designs products and experiences that reflect who we are and who we aspire to be back to us. I cannot recommend him enough."

Bryan Setser

Entrepreneur In Residence, rpkGROUP

"Armistead is a talented designer who will make your product or company's story better the day you hire him. He deeply cares about the products and people he supports, and you will think of him more as an extended team member than you will a contractor or client. His creativity is only matched by his compassion. Don't miss the chance to collaborate with him."

Matt Tarr

Digital Architect, American Museum of Natural History

"Having known and worked with Armistead for over a decade I can certainly vouch for his capacity to take on challenges from multiple angles to fully address the root issues. His ability to create high-quality designs either from scratch or by extending existing design aesthetics has always impressed me. I've reached out to Armistead when I needed a hard-earned professional opinion, a fresh eye on some UX challenge, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Most importantly I have enjoyed working on strategy with Armistead. The highest compliment I can pay him is that he is able to focus on the future while doing the business of today, because in our industry, change doesn't happen quickly, but without the right stewardship, it won't happen at all. "Booker" is the right kind of stewardship."

Ben Kennedy

Editor, William & Mary Alumni Magazine

"Armistead Booker is a rare breed. He truly is a jack of all trades — and a master of all of them. Whether it's raising funds for humanitarian projects in Africa or educating the next generation on the importance of geology and natural history, Booker is always losing sleep while creating a fantastic array of functional media. He is truly a great example of what the College of William and Mary is all about."

Andrew Cyr

Artistic Director, Metropolis Ensemble

"Armistead was part of Metropolis from the beginning. He’s a multi-talented designer, educator, outreach guru, web-programmer, and amateur pianist — he’s an inspiring person to work with! I collaborated with Armistead from the conception of a new project or commission and visual ideas evolved from these conversations. As a result, designs for each project spoke to both the musical aesthetic of the project and to what that particular concert experience would be like."

Heather Macdonald

Chancellor Professor of Geology, College of William & Mary

"Armistead seems to have the ability to take advantage of situations that will give him the right experience to position himself for the next good experience. His William and Mary education provided him with the experiences critical for landing that perfect first job. Then he followed what his heart told him to do."