Exploring the shape of experience.

Here is my collection of online experiments, digital diversions, and artist workshops to investigate the potential of creativity and storytelling in the world.


Once Upon an Instagram

2017  |  From humble beginnings and colorful characters to wizardry and epic quests, I transformed my personal Instagram into an adventure story, starring my family and friends. So instead of the usual documenting of everyday life, a parallel universe of fantasy, magic, and perhaps a dragon or two started to unfold.



2015  |  Enjoy a behind-the-scenes, after-hours tour of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, broadcast live on Periscope in 2015. From the planetarium and dioramas to the artwork and dinosaurs, there isn't a corner of this museum without a great story to be told. And you're in luck, because after thirteen years as a designer and educator at AMNH, yours truly can give you an exclusive backstage pass!


Story Hour

2008–2014  |  When my wife, Elisa, and I were dating, one of our favorite ways to spend the afternoon was in the children’s section of a Barnes & Noble or flipping through vintage Sesame Street episodes. We are definitely kids at heart, and so it should be no surprise that reading kids books is one of our beloved pastimes. Now as parents, it’s a daily occurrence in our home, but sometimes you just need to read a book out-loud and press record. Here are a few selections we created over the years.