Case Study: Hearing First

Transforming challenges into opportunities.

PROJECT DATE: 2016–2017

At FiveStone, I collaborated with Hearing First, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering children who are deaf or hard of hearing to reach their full potential. Using a methodology called Listening and Spoken Language (or LSL), parents and hearing health professionals can help children who are deaf or hard of hearing to learn to listen and talk, which, in turn, powers language, literacy, and a lifetime of success.

I created strategies to help Hearing First achieve organizational goals of awareness, education, and community. This included conducting a content and social audit, technology platform review, and gathering marketing insights... and then formulated a digital strategy for their social, web, and email channels.


Powering potential.

Starting with an in-depth discovery process, I was motivated to deeply understand the ins-and-outs of the Hearing First organization and learn how they support children growing up with communication disorders, families navigating a healthcare (and emotional) roller coaster, and hearing health professionals working on the best possible solutions.

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Building blocks to the future.

I produced an extensive communications toolkit with a wealth of strategies and techniques to effectively and clearly share their story across a variety of audiences; all with the goal of introducing Hearing First and their amazing ideas to the families who need their services the most. From pitch tactics and model illustrations to a healthy messaging mix and shared internal language, the toolkit empowered the entire organization to move forward with a stronger storytelling strategy.

Hearing powers a child’s potential. We understand that the small and seemingly insignificant sounds matter most. Whether it’s the sound of a sibling’s laugh or a mother’s lullaby. Those small sounds are forming the first connections that lay the pathways for future success.
— DR. TERESA CARAWAY, Hearing First

Celebrating listening and spoken language.

Every May, Hearing First celebrates Better Hearing and Speech Month, and I directed a social media strategy and authored a series of blog posts to highlight how families with a child who is deaf or hard of hearing to succeed through strong communication skills.

Through educational exposure, rich media engagement, and community empowerment, I curated a month-long set of thematic touchstones (hear, listen, share, and verbalize) across all their social channels. The campaign was a resounding success, inspiring the target audience of young parents and hearing and speech professionals to connect more deeply with Hearing First.