A fine way to get things started


By day.

I work at the American Museum of Natural History. They put me in the diorama and let the kids come by and ogle me through the glass. Kidding, kidding. I get to coordinate some cool outreach programs for teachers and kids. I'm also in charge of the web and outreach efforts for BraddiganLove, Light & MelodyLacrosse the Nations5 Rights IncDispatch FoundationHaven, and Metropolis Ensemble.

By night.

I live, laugh and play in New York City, rescuing damsels in distress, doing daring deeds, and saving the world: one artistic production one exciting design, and one new classroom at a time. Occasionally, you'll find me watching one of these, goofing off in the kitchenmoving and grooving, catching a frisbee, sliding down a mountain, watching the stars, eating out hereworshippinglearning, and listening. "Rarely," says Kevin Johnson, "does Armistead actually sleep." (Meh. I get enough.)

Armistead Booker

Brooklyn, NY

I’m a visual storyteller, nonprofit champion, moonlighting superhero, proud father, and a great listener.